Artwork Artist Date Collection
Des'Ree (Née Desiree Weeks) (Clive) Kofi Allen 1997 National Portrait Gallery
Brampton Park, Huntingdonshire, England. Officers Quarters, 1st Air Division 8AF, 1942 - 1945 A.C.G.S. Amarasekara 1943 Imperial War Museum
Soft Machine System M Ado Sato 1970 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
The 1988 Slade Portfolio Celebrating A Print Afshar Malik 1988 British Museum
Untitled Agboola Folarin c.1969 Government Art Collection
Tsae-Seng Sing Ah Fong circa 1910s National Portrait Gallery
Waiting for the Cloud Ahmed Parvez 1959 Manchester Art Gallery
Memorial to the Man of Steel Aikaterini Gegisian 2016 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Untitled Aiko Miyawaki 1970 Arts Council
Indian Village Akbar Padamsee Government Art Collection
QT Akiko Usami 1999 British Council Collection
A Reflection on the Savings Week in Lagos Akinola Lasekan 1942 Imperial War Museum
Abu Ghraib (Catalogue Nummber: Art.IWM ART 17577) Albert Adams 2006 Imperial War Museum
Trader II Ali Yanya 2014 British Museum
Of Fears and Desires Ali Zaidi Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Ascension Alnoor Mitha 1983 Arts Council
Allegory III Amal Ghosh 1987 Arts Council
Talking Sweepers Amol Patil 2014 British Council Collection
The Herbalist Amon Kotei 1961 Government Art Collection
Midsummer Night's Dream from Folio An Gee Chan 2011 Government Art Collection
[Title Not Specified] Aneeta Seshan 1992 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
White Sand, Red Millet, Many Flowers Anish Kapoor 1982 Arts Council
15 Etchings Anish Kapoor; Paragon Press 1995 British Museum
Otolith Anjalika (as part of the Otolith Group) Sagar 2003 Arts Council
Le Noeud Anju Chaudhuri Arts Council
Lahore Bazaar Anna Molka Ahmed 1989 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Divers Anthea Hamilton 2011 British Council Collection
Painting featuring three animals facing left [title unknown] Anthony Jagunath Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
The Arc Anthony Lam 2002 British Council Collection
Transition Anuradha Patel Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Afterwards Anwar Saeed 1993 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
The Page Anwar Shemza 1984 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
War Sonnet Anwar Jalal Shemza 1969 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Souvenir line: Nomadic memory APPLETON/Jeanette and Yoshimoto/Naoko 2003 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
UK, London Armet Francis 1976 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Rhythm Vessel Ashraf Hanna 2009 National Museums Wales
[Title Not Specified] Ashraf Hannah 2008 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Olmec Stasis Aubrey Williams 1985 Arts Council
High Noon Avinash Chandra 1964 Arts Council
Maquette for The Traveller Avtarjeet Dhanjal The Herbert Gallery, Coventry
Black on Black Avtarjeet Singh Dhanjal 1997 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Rangoon port Ba Nyan 1928 Manchester Art Gallery
I am idealEast Babi Badalov 2015 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Apple Green Balraj Khanna 1991 Arts Council
Seventeen Barbara Walker 2012 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
The Athlete's Nightmare (From 'The Commonwealth Print Portfolio') Barrington Watson Dated 1978 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
Heavenly Bashar Alhroub 2010 Imperial War Museum
Zigzag Bashir Makhoul 1992 Arts Council
Dancing Girls Ben Enwonwu 1947 Government Art Collection
[Title Not Specified] Benben Li 2010 Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery
Untitled [Sinhala and Tamil Text] (Imperial War Museum Object Number Art.IWM PST 15971 ) Benedict Chukwukadibia Enwonwu 1943 Imperial War Museum
No title (silk and crepe evening dress, jacet size 10, dress size 12) Benny Ong 1980 Manchester Art Gallery
The 1988 Slade Portfolio Bhajan Hunjan 1988 British Museum
Cameo Bharti Parmar 1999 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Let There Be Trust Bill Ming 1989 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Homage to Mother Bimal Banerjee 1990 Manchester Art Gallery
Handsworth Songs Black Audio Film Collective (John Akomfrah; Reece Auguis; Edward George; Lina Gopaul; Avril Johnson; David Lawson; Trevor Mathison) 1986 Tate
I Have Found A Song Boyce, Sonia; Locke, Hew; Panchal, Shanti, Rego, Paula; Enitharmon Editions; Steele-Perkins, Christopher 2010 Arts Council
No title (silk and crepe skirt, size 14) Bruce Oldfield 1985 Manchester Art Gallery
Untitled Bula Chakravarty Agbo Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Lotus Chao Ling Fang 1960 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
Notting Hill Couple Charlie Phillips 1967 Tate
Ena Baxter, 1924 - 2015. Businesswoman Chen Yanning 1999 Scottish National Portrait Gallery
Squirrel on a Pine Branch Chengwu Fei c. 1930s Leeds Art Gallery
Panda Laughing Chiang Yee Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Crab Chien-Ying Chang Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Autoportrait 28 Position in 34 years Chila Burman 1992 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Burman's Ice Cream Vans Chila Kumari Burman 1984 Wolverhampton Art Gallery
July 13th 1981 - Chapeltown Uprisings and the 5 Demands Chila Kumari Singh Burman 1981 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
A Moment To Herself Chila Kumari Burman 2002 Arts Council
Rising Glory Chin Hsiao 1961 National Museums Wales
My Secret Corridor Chisato Tamabayashi 2004 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
3 June 1993 (From The Visit Series) Chris Ofili 1993 Arts Council
Porcelain Pot Chun Liao 2001 British Council Collection
Untitled Claudette Johnson 1983 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Aswad (Dan Ford; Gad Robinson; Angus ('Drummie Zeb') Gaye) Danijah Tafari 1990 National Portrait Gallery
Akram Khan Darvish Fakhr 2008 National Portrait Gallery
A Stitch In Time David Medalla 1972 Arts Council
Jah Bones David A Bailey 1985 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Stuart Mcphail Hall Dawoud Bey 1998 National Portrait Gallery
Dub Scratchers Denzil Forrester 1990 Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
The Jam (Paul Weller; Rick Buckler; Bruce Foxton) Derek D'Souza 1981 National Portrait Gallery
His Master's Voice Derek Mawudoku 2005 British Museum
Woman 2 Dhruva Mistry 1982 Arts Council
Millennium Medal Dhruva~Royal Mint Mistry 1999 British Museum
Who Am We? Do-ho Suh 1999 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Untitled Dominic Denis 1992 British Council Collection
In The House Of My Father Donald Rodney 1997 Arts Council
Preparatory Drawings for the work Soweto/Guernica Donald Gladstone Rodney 1988 Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Stopped Liquid (Cup) E'wao Kagoshima 1968 Arts Council
African Icons Eddie Chambers 1987 Arts Council
Ed's Spiral Piece Edwin Li 2006 Arts Council
Wall Hanging, 'Moving Lines' Eng Tow 1980 Leeds Art Gallery
Poised in the Infinite Ocean Ergin Cavuşoğlu 2004 Leeds Art Gallery
Commemorative Object Errol Francis 2007 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
White Mantra Etsuko Montgomery 2010 British Museum
The Laughing Christ Eugene Palmer 1991 Arts Council
Sacred Cow F. N. Souza 1952 Newport Museum
Two Saints in a Landscape F.N. Souza 1961 Tate
Ancestors Circle Fahd Burki 2014 British Council Collection
[Title Not Specified] Fahmida Shah 1992 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Red Composition Fahr El Nissa Zeid 1959 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
The Last Supper Faisal Abdu'Allah 1995 Arts Council
Boy in Pain Fanindra Nat Bose 1913 National Museums Wales
No title (belt accessory that accompanies a suit designed by Bruce Oldfield (dated 1994) - also in Manchester Art Gallery Collection Farah Lister Manchester Art Gallery
Stitched Farhad Ahrarnia 2002 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Catherine Zeta Jones Firooz Zahedi 1998 National Portrait Gallery
Red Dome Francis Newton Souza 1953 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Birthday Frank Bowling 1962 Arts Council
Country Dishes Fu Hua c1980 Manchester Art Gallery
Freedom Hunters Gavin Jantjes 1977 Arts Council
Adonia from the Cockaigne series Gayle Chong Kwan 2005 Government Art Collection
Prince Andrew, Duke Of York; Sarah Margaret (Née Ferguson), Duchess Of York Gene Nocon 1986 National Portrait Gallery
Drummers George Keyt 1958 Government Art Collection
Split -O- Ghulam Haider 1972 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
The Rider Alan Cristea Gallery Twentieth Anniversary Portfolio Gordon Cheung 2015 British Museum
Grace Lau Grace Lau 2005 National Portrait Gallery
Secret Machinations Gregory Whyte 1984 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Emptiness of Light I Güler Ates 2013 Government Art Collection
Figure And Head Gurminder Sikand 1994 Arts Council
Trustworthy Clown IV Haegue Yang 2010 British Council Collection
Calliope Halima Cassell 2011 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Blind Date Haluk Akakce 2004 British Council Collection
An_Infinato Haroon Mirza 2009 Arts Council
Twingled Absent HaYoung Kim 2011 Royal Academy
Orange Lakes Henna Nadeem 2000 British Council Collection
Obuabang Srs: B Painting No.8 (Art From The Heart) Henry Obuabang 1991 Arts Council
Medusa Hew Locke 2008 Arts Council
Eld Hideo Furuta unknown Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
No title (evening trouser suit made with vicose and jersey) Hidy Misawa 1995 Manchester Art Gallery
Dwelling Hiraki Sawa 2002 Arts Council
Komame 10 Hiroshi Suzuki 2001 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Shizuku table lamp Hiroyuki Murase 2015 Manchester Art Gallery
New Year in China Town Hock Aun Te.h 1988 The McManus, Dundee
Bimashankar Horace Ove 1985 Arts Council
Unknown Houria Niati 1988 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Is It Okay To Be Black? Hurvin Anderson 2016 Arts Council
No title (cocktail dress made with wool and crepe) Hussein Chalayan 2005 Manchester Art Gallery
A Memory... After Bach's Cello Suites Idris Khan 2006 Arts Council
Argungu Fishing Festival Ifeoma Onyefulu 1987 Arts Council
Peter O'Toole Ilkay Mehmet 1988 National Portrait Gallery
How to cut an English pantaloon without belt Imran Qureshi 2002 (?) Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
Salvagemen or Wreckers Indra Khanna National Museums Wales
Pastoral Interlude, No.4 Ingrid Pollard 1988 Arts Council
In Search Of The Ideal Landscape Iqbal Geoffrey 1965 Arts Council
The Long Road To Mazatlan Isaac Julien 1999 Arts Council
Black Sun Isamu Noguchi 1967 National Museums Northern Ireland
Derek: Still Lifestudy Series, No. 5 (Maquette) Issac Julien 2008 British Council Collection
Sound Palimpsest Issam Kourbaj 2003 British Museum
Combined Control and Report Centre Ivan Peries 1943 Imperial War Museum
Letter To My Girlfriend J Iqbal Geoffrey 1962 British Museum
Self Portrait Jagjit Chuhan 1995 Arts Council
Church doorway, Ocean Estate, Stepney fron the East End Project Jagtar Semplay 1990 Tate
The 1988 Slade Portfolio The Actor Jamal Shah 1988 British Museum
Mike Eghan at Piccadilly Circus, London 1967 James Barnor 2010 Government Art Collection
Red, Green and Black from Ebb and Flow Jamie Lau 2014 Government Art Collection
Shadow Sites I Jananne Al-Ani 2010 Arts Council
No title (silk and cotton machine knitted jumper) Jane Sarkar 1986 Manchester Art Gallery
Gas Station Day Time (exhibition copy) Jawad Al Malhi 2009 Imperial War Museum
Jab Jab JCM Lyons New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Push into action Jessica Tsang 2011 Pallant House, Chichester
Untitled Ji Hye Yeom 2011 Pallant House, Chichester
An ongoing threshold JiEun Kim 2011 Pallant House, Chichester
OPject III Jin Eui Kim 2011 National Museums Wales
No title (suede leather trousers) Joe Caseley-Hayford 1993 Manchester Art Gallery
Woman's jacket Joe Casely-Hayford 1990 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Candle Bathing Johannes Phokela 1997 Arts Council
Tropikos John Akomfrah 2016 Arts Council
Day - Spring John Fassolas 1978 British Council Collection
"The Merchant of Venice": The quality of mercy… from the Shakespeare portfolio John Joo For Lee 1964 Government Art Collection
Untitled Joy Gregory 2003 British Council Collection
Four Figures Judy Wong 1978 Tate
The Cry Juginder Lamba Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Sunday Afternoon Jun Hasegawa 1997 British Council Collection
No. 30 Silver Organism Junko Mori 2004 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Sir Rabindranath Tagore Jyotirindranath Tagore 1914 National Portrait Gallery
Sullstani Kabir Hussain 1988 Arts Council
Avarice Kai-Lu Hsiung 1989 British Council Collection
Fish Kaiko Moti 1975 Leeds Art Gallery
Horse Kaikobad Motiwalli Arts Council
[Title Not Specified] Kalim Afzal 1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
morning set Kaori Tatebayashi 2015 Manchester Art Gallery
Relic Karen Babayan 1992 Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
Transporter Keiko Mukaide 2012 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Four Corners, A Contest Of Opposites Keith Piper 1995 Arts Council
Candy Kim Lim 1965 Arts Council
Madonna Metropolitan: the death of Cynthia Jarrett Kimathi Donkor 2005 Wolverhampton Art Gallery
A Tribute to Birgit Skiold Kimio Tsuchiya Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Alexander Mcqueen Kin Ho 1996 National Portrait Gallery
Damsel Kirti Mandir 1989 Arts Council
Untitled Kisaburo Kawakami 1981 British Museum
Otolith Kodwo (as part of the Otolith Group) Eshun 2003 Arts Council
An Akan Court Esen (Herald or Crier) Kofi Antubam 1948 Government Art Collection
Insect Krishna Reddy 1952 Government Art Collection
Untitled Kristine Michael 1997 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Buddhist Television I Kum-Siew Mak 1976 Arts Council
[Title Not Specified] Kyoko Takahashi Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Pot Ladi Kwali 1959 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Helen Lessore Laetitia Yhap 1973 Arts Council
The Continuing Rite Laila Rahman 1993 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Curvilinear Directions II Lancelot Ribeiro 1980 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Nation Estate Larissa Sansour 2012 Imperial War Museum
The All-Hearing Lawrence Abu Hamdan 2014 Arts Council
Accessories Lesley Sanderson 1988 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Flowers of the Mediterranean no 2 Leslie Hakim-Dowek 1989 Manchester Art Gallery
Calligraphic Book Li Yuan-Chia 1993 Tate
Peter John Preston Liam Woon 1985 National Portrait Gallery
Reasons (for wearing jewellery) Lin Cheung 2008 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
The 1988 Slade Portfolio Real Blue Lin Zhi 1988 British Museum
I Want To Be More Chinese Lisa Cheung 1997 Arts Council
29 Llewellyn Xavier 1972 Manchester Art Gallery
Elemental Vessels Loretta Braganza 1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Scenes From The Life Of Toussaint L'Ouverture: 1 Lubaina Himid 1987 Arts Council
[Title Not Specified] Lubna Chowdhary 1995 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Unknown Lubna Chowdhury 2000 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Untitled (from the Mini Garden series) Luna Lee 2011 Pallant House, Chichester
L'Ortolan Lynette Yiadom-Boakye 2011 Arts Council
Untitled 2003 Machiko Agano 2003 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Sharon, Muswell Hill, 1982 Madahi 1982 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Pot Magdalene Odundo 1982 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Her Hair Grows Maggie Scott 2012 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Print A 1968 Mah Kum-Siew 1968 Southampton City Council
I Never Promised You a Rose Garden Mah Rana 1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Platinum, Gold, Diamonds and Niobium Brooch Maha Rana 1986 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
'A Tribute to Birgit Skiold', vol 1 no 6 Marc Balakjian 1983 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
King Jelly Fish, 4/15 Marcia Ley 1984 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Sit-able sculpture Mari Ruth Oda c.2001 Manchester Art Gallery
Memories Of A Sunday Afternoon Mark Balakjian 1973 British Council Collection
Art History Marlene Smith 1987 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
Calliope (From Zabat Series) Maud Sulter 1990 Arts Council
Untitled I (unknown location) Punjab from Flatland A landscape of Punjab Max Kandhola 2004 Government Art Collection
Germination Michiko Kawarabayashi 2000 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Liquid Portrait 4 Mimei Thompson 2008 Arts Council
Untitled Ming-Hoi Victor Lai 1990 The Herbert Gallery, Coventry
Coriolis Centrepiece Miriam Hanid 2010 National Museums Wales
Lost Frontier Mitra Tabrizian 1987 Arts Council
The Victim Mohammed Salim Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Album Pacifica 1 Mohini Chandra 1997 Arts Council
Plotting Table Mona Hatoum 1998 Arts Council
Medal Of Dishonour Mona Hatoum; MDM Props Ltd AB Fine Art Foundry Ltd 2008 British Museum
We march, asking, what is the size of peace? Mongane Wally Sekoto 2000 Imperial War Museum
Onward Christian Soldiers Mowbray Odonkor 1987 Arts Council
Der, Deri, Derwaish (Travelling Dervish) Muhammed Atif Khan Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Watercolour featuring woman in an orange sari [title unknown] Mukul Chandra Dey Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Fertility II Munira Al-Kazi unknown Manchester Art Gallery
A Cypriot Olive Tree Existing Under Occupation In North Cyprus Mustafa Hulusi 2005 British Council Collection
Fleurs Eclatante or Radiating Flowers N Krishna Reddy 1967 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Fragments from an Allegory X Naazish Ata-Ullah 1994 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
A City in Celebration Nael Hanna 1991 The McManus, Dundee
Head of Desmond Haughton with Red Jumper' Nahem Shoa 1997 Southampton City Council
Membrane Naiza H Khan 2010 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Blue Venus Nana Shiomi 1992 British Council Collection
Tibetan Sky B Naoko Matsubara 1987 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
Memory Miles in My Hand Naoko Yoshimoto 2003 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Ambassador Nashashibi, Rosalind and Skaer, Lucy 2005 Arts Council
Shrine Naz Ikramullah 1989 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
punch bowl and ladle Ndidi Ekubia 2000 National Museums Wales
Sustenance 101 Neeta Madahar 2003 Government Art Collection
Norman Beaton Neil Kenlock 1976 National Portrait Gallery
Unknown Newton Brown 1986 Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield
[Title Not Specified] Nilesh Mistry 1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Siriso Nilofar Akmut 1994 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Zero Nina Edge 1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Earrings Nora Fok 1983 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Smiling boy holding a twig over his head Nudrat Afza 1989 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Goboi Devil Dancer Olayinka Burney-Nicol Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Juju Osi Audu 1999 British Museum
Anfal (Imperial War Museum Object Number Art.IWM ART 17647) Osman K. Ahmed 2008 Imperial War Museum
This Corner Of Limbo Paul Gopal-Chowdhury 1991 British Council Collection
Innocence Permindar Kaur 1993 Arts Council
Salt And Pepper Mills Peter Chang 1992 British Council Collection
Departures Peter McDonald 2006 Government Art Collection
Early Snowfall Peter Yamaoka 1981 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Trial Of Former Leader Phillip Lai 2005 Arts Council
Marotte Pio Abad 2008 The McManus, Dundee
You're Missing the Point Pogus Caesar 1982 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Thrown gourd variant bottle Poh Chap Yeap 1980 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Lessons For A Shaman Pradip Malde 1987 Arts Council
Rati Prafulla Mohanti 1965 Leeds Art Gallery
Small things make man proud from Folio Prapat Jiwarangsan 2011 Government Art Collection
Three Sleepwalkers Quddus Mirza 1998 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Untitled Radhika Agarwala 2011 Pallant House, Chichester
Face to Face Ragini Upadhayay Cartwright Hall, Bradford
[Title Not Specified] Rajesh Gogna 2002 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Watercarrier Rajev Kaneria 1967 Arts Council
Sangro Panel, Sangro Series Ralph Hotere 1964 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
No.586 W Fold Rana Begum 2015 Government Art Collection
Untitled Raqib Shaw 2004 British Council Collection
Dread in Moonlight Ras Vince Joseph 1989 Wolverhampton Art Gallery
4 Ethnic Drawings Rasheed Araeen 1982 Arts Council
Untitled Rehana Zaman 2011 Pallant House, Chichester
Drunken Bellarmine Renee So 2012 Arts Council
Incision Drawing Richard Lin 1965 Arts Council
No title (silk and faille trouser suit) Rifat Ozbek 1990 Manchester Art Gallery
Texts and Contacts: Home Risham Hosain Syed Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Jamie Mckendrick Rizwan Mirza 2001 National Portrait Gallery
Steve Jones Robert Taylor 1993 National Portrait Gallery
Always Take The Weather With You Rohini Devasher 2014 British Council Collection
Male Standing Figure - the Priest Ronald Moody 1939 Government Art Collection
Paul Robeson (1898-1976) Ronald Clive Moody 1968 National Museums Wales
No title (wool and mohair suit, size 12) Ronit Zilkha 1993 Manchester Art Gallery
Midwest Rosalind Nashashibi 2002 Arts Council
Margaret Busby (Nana Akua Ackon) Roshini Kempadoo; Format Photographers 1992 National Portrait Gallery
Time Frames I Roshini Kempodoo Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Untitled (collection record number PRSMG : PR1484.13) Roy Mehta 1998 Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
Stare Out (Blink) Runa Islam 1998 Arts Council
Zard Al Paton Sabah Husain 1993 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Recollections of an Unperceived Past Sabina Gillani 1990 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Portrait of Another Kind Said Adrus 1990 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Dame Monica Margaret Mason Saied Dai 2013 National Portrait Gallery
David Adjaye Sal Idriss 2002 National Portrait Gallery
Vessel of Vitality Saleem Arif 1994 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Pressed Against Good And Evil Saleem Arif Quadri 1988 Arts Council
Carpet of Contemplation Saleem Syed Arif Quadri 1988 Manchester Art Gallery
Pursuing Radiance Salima Hashmi 2005 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Painting featuring a pastoral scene [title unknown] Sam Joseph Ntiro Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
Bird Garden with Intestinal Self-Portrait Samira Abbassy 2003 Government Art Collection
Ali Pathar, Kashmir Samuel Fyzee-Rahamin 1930 Manchester Art Gallery
Sir (Philip) Christopher Ondaatje Sarath Chandrajeewa 1990 National Portrait Gallery
Mughal Sarbjit Natt 1996 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Casual Highland 1 Sarnath Banerjee 2014 British Council Collection
Freedom No.1 Satta Hashem 2007 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Unit Object - Landscape Seher Shah 2013 British Council Collection
Untitled clay pot (1) Seung Ho Yang 1983 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
Video Chat Seung-Pyo Hong 2010 Government Art Collection
Cows Being Milked Shafique Uddin 1989 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Jalousie Gelocht Als Blendshutz Shahin Afrassiabi 2000 Leeds Art Gallery
Untitled IV Shahzia Sikander Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Ripped Cup Shan Hur 2012 Government Art Collection
Mannequin Shanti Panchal 1990 Arts Council
Grieving Shanti Thomas 1984 Arts Council
Wolf Panel V Shezad Dawood 2013 Government Art Collection
Produce (1) Shigeyuki Kawachi 1981 Arts Council
Mount Shirane Shiko Munakata 1962 Arts Council
Pinetree - E Shinichi Kamatani 1980 Arts Council
Dara-01- 2000 Shirana Shahbazi Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Listen To The Tale Of The Reed No.3 Shirazeh Houshiary 1982 Arts Council
Stranger (2) 4/5 ed Shizuka Yokomizo 1999 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Caribbean Shizuko Kimura 2000 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Bottle with lugged handles Shoji Hamada 1923 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Dish Siddig El Nigoumi 1985 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
[Title Not Specified] Siddig El Nigoumi 1975 Nottingham City Museums and Galleries
Rebekkah Simon Fujiwara 2012 Leeds Art Gallery
Untitled Simon Ling 2013 British Council Collection
Miami Dizzle XV Sinta Tantra 2008 Government Art Collection
Spirit of the Woods Soheila Sokhanvari 2010 Pallant House, Chichester
Eriabo Part Of Audience Sokari Douglas Camp 1986 Arts Council
Woman with Child on Back, 1986 Sokari Douglas-Camp 1986 New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester
Lay Back, Keep Quiet And Think Of What Made Britain So Great Sonia Boyce 1986 Arts Council
Untitled Sophie Aghajanian 1992 National Museums Northern Ireland
Vessel of Faith Soraya Syed 2006 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Bear Steve McQueen 1993 Arts Council
Untitled Suki Dhanda 2002 British Council Collection
Discovering Atlantis Sundar Kanta Walker 1987 Manchester Art Gallery
Humayun's Tomb From The Series 'Exiles' Sunil Gupta 1987 Arts Council
Peace Procession, Calcutta 1946 Sunil Janah 1946 Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Orange and Yellow Incalmo Suresh Dutt (collaboration with Peter Durkin) 2004 Manchester Art Gallery
[Title Not Specified] Sutapa Biswas 1987 Arts Council
Dante's "Inferno": 3 Study Portraits of Dante Syed Saleem Arif Quadri 1977 Government Art Collection
John Mortimer Tai-Shan Schierenberg 1992 National Portrait Gallery
Crab Vases (2 pieces) Taja unknown Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Bowl Takashi Yasuda 1990 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Changeable Colour Rings Takayasu Ito 1968 Arts Council
Object G Takesada Matsutani 1976 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Pottery Hanging Vase Takeshi Yasuda 2001 Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery
Learning To Walk Tam Joseph 1988 Arts Council
Carcosa July 1986 Tan Choon Ghee 1986 Government Art Collection
Asian Playgroup (Birmingham Alum Rock) Tarik Chawdry 1984 Arts Council
Untitled Tassadaq Sohail 1985 Arts Council
Falcons Tehmina Shah 1993 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Landscape, View in Wharfedale Teng Hiok Chiu 1929 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
July 7, 1969 Tetsuya Noda 1969 Arts Council
The Escape of Soun and his Family Thao Soun 1979 Leeds Art Gallery
Wedding Jange II The Singh Twins 1991 Government Art Collection
Otolith The Otolith Group 2002 2003 Arts Council
Con Brio Centrepiece Theresa Nguyen 2010 National Museums Wales
Dive 3 = H.Q. (Head Quarter) with 25 Sections in Deep Sea Diving fur Kunsthalle, or, a world in 6x6 Tomoko Takahashi 2003 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Freud's Glasses - Viewing A Text By Jung Tomoko Yoneda 1988 British Council Collection
Tablet Tony Shafrazi 1969 Arts Council
Ecstasy Of The Potter Trupti Patel 1991 British Council Collection
The Death Of Hyacinthus Tsugumi Ota 1990 Arts Council
Odysseus - Homecoming Tusgumi Ota 1996 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
HEIROGLYPH TRIPTICH Usha Parmar 1997 Wolverhampton Art Gallery
A New Lease Of Life Uzo Egonu 1988 Arts Council
Back Garden From Railway Bridge From Handsworth From Inside Series Vanley Burke 1982 Arts Council
[Title Not Specified] Vannetta Seecharran Cartwright Hall, Bradford
The Guardian Vasant Narayan Chinchwadkar 1987 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
The Mantelpiece And Its Thirty Six Objects Verdi Yahooda 1985 British Council Collection
Lamentations In The Garden Veronica Ryan 2000 Arts Council
Pink Floyd (Nick Mason, Roger Waters, Roger Keith ('Syd') Barrett, Richard Wright) Vic Singh 1967 National Portrait Gallery
Purple Form Viren Sahai 1970 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Riverscape Vivan Sundaram 1993 Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Untitled Vong Phaophanit 1996 British Council Collection
Fragments Vongphrachanh Phaophanit 1990 Arts Council
First Light 'For Polly' Winston Branch 1979 Arts Council
Landscape of Darkness Yazan Khalili 2010 Imperial War Museum
Line Painting Yinka Shonibare 2003 Arts Council
All White Chess Set Yoko Ono 1970 Arts Council
Hotline 1 Yoko Terauchi 1983 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
Dutch barges wallowing offshore Yoshijiro Urushibara 1938 The Herbert Gallery, Coventry
Church Parade Yoshio Markino 1903 Bristol Museum and Art Gallery
White Space - JY23 Yoshisuke Funasaka 1972 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Space - Time 30 & 'A Tribute to Birgit Skiold', Vol 1 No 3 Yoshito Arichi 1983 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Dewfall Yuko Shiraishi 1990 Arts Council
The Blue Crocodile and Two Dogs Zadok Ben-David 1985 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
MAXXI: National Museum of XXI Century Arts, Rome, Italy, 2010: aerial view Zaha Hadid 2010 Royal Academy
Radio Objects and Photos Unidentified Zahoor ul Akhlaq 1983 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Heze Zarah Hussain 2006 Cartwright Hall, Bradford
Here Was Uganda, As If In The Vastness Of India Zarina Bhimji 2001 Arts Council
Self Portraits Or The Virgin Mary (From The 'Self Portrait' Series) Zineb Sedira 2000 Arts Council