Korabra Series Scholars’ Day, 9 June 2016

On 8 June 2016, the BAM team visited Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Herbert Gallery and Museum in Coventry, to reunite the artist Gavin Jantjes with his Korabra series, seven paintings created in 1986 during a residency at the West Indian Association in Coventry. The paintings had not been seen by the artist for nearly thirty years. The following day, BAM hosted a Scholars’ Day focused on close readings of the Korabra series.

Invited academics: Dr Dorothy Price, Dr Amna Malik, Allison Young and Dr Elizabeth Robles

Invited curators: Lisa Beauchamp (Birmingham Museums Trust), Carol Thompson (City of Wolverhampton Council), Martin Roberts (Herbert Museum and Art Gallery), Rosie Addenbrooke (Herbert Museum and Art Gallery)


Above: The BAM team with invited academics, curators and artist Gavin Jantjes at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, with three paintings from Jantjes’ Korabra series taken temporarily out of storage.

Below: The BAM team with invited academics, curators and artist Gavin Jantjes at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, with four paintings from Jantjes’ Korabra series on temporary display in the Art Since 1900 gallery.


Below: Gavin Jantjes, 1986, Korabra paintings details)

BAM Herbert 2016-06-09 001 BAM Herbert 2016-06-09 002 BAM Herbert 2016-06-09 003

All images (c) BAM. Stills: Adam Williams

As part of the Black Artists & Modernism project, there are unfolding discussions amongst the research team and with scholars, artists, curators and other engaged publics.


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