The Work Between Us – Paper – Alice Correia



Wednesday 20 January 2016

Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK

#WorkBetweenUs @AHRC_BAM

Dr Alice Correia

Where are the South Asian Artists? The Horizon Gallery Responds to The Other Story

Between January and April 1990 The Horizon Gallery, London, staged a series of four exhibitions, showing the work of sixteen South Asian artists. Under the title, In Focus, the exhibitions were a response to the exclusion of young South Asian artists from Rasheed Araeen’s large-scale exhibition, The Other Story. Although ten artists included in The Other Story originated from the Indian subcontinent, including Araeen himself, Anish Kapoor and Dhruva Mistry famously declined to participate and in her review of the exhibition Rita Keegan observed that “No Asian women were included”. This paper will pay particular attention to The Horizon Gallery’s In Focus exhibitions: why they were deemed necessary; who, and what, was exhibited; and will conclude with some thoughts on the importance of The Horizon Gallery to broader discussions of South Asian art histories in Britain.


As part of the Black Artists & Modernism project, there are unfolding discussions amongst the research team and with scholars, artists, curators and other engaged publics.


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