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THE WORK BETWEEN US: BLACK BRITISH ARTISTS & EXHIBITION HISTORIES Wednesday 20 January 2016 Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK #WorkBetweenUs @AHRC_BAM Dr Sophie Orlando (presented by Ella S. Mills) The Other Story, La Méprise The Méprise is a French term that evokes Godard’s major film Contempt (1963), relating tradition and modernity in cinema’s history. It also […]

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Shaneka Tara Williams, a Black British visual artist currently undertaking a BA in Fine Art and Art History at Liverpool Hope University, offers her thoughts on BAM’s ‘The Work Between Us’ symposium at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, 20 January 2016. Throughout my art education I’ve been introduced to a number of artists whose practice continues to be […]

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As part of the Black Artists & Modernism project, there are unfolding discussions amongst the research team and with scholars, artists, curators and other engaged publics.


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